Aluminum is a metal alloy that is strong, attractive and extremely durable.It is recyclable, popular in today’s architecture and great for creating large, sliding glass walls. It includes thermal breaks inside the window facing to stop the transfer of outside temperature.

Aluminum is easy to maintain and makes for a versatile material in which to frame your windows. Though it may not seem so, it is also quite efficient and can lower your energy bills.


Aluminum is so strong that it can be narrow and yet support a weighty window, maximizing the view. For that reason, builders and architects have long preferred its use in new construction projects and home renovations. Homeowners have loved the low maintenance associated with aluminum windows, since the metal is impervious to the insects, rot and decay.

Advancements in Efficiency:

Early aluminum windows were not very efficient. Metal is a great conductor, so heat would escape through the window frames in winter and seep in during the summer. Now, however, not only has window glass technology advanced by leaps and bounds but so has aluminum frame technology.The interior of the window frames are equipped with thermal breaks, which halt the conductivity of the metal and keep the elements controlled all year round.


Aluminum window frames typically come in clear anodized (aluminum color) or dark bronze finish.


While we love to offer a wide range of manufacturers for our window materials, Milgard is our only company offering aluminum. Their windows are top-notch, and we know you will like their thermally improved window series, which are found in all sorts of buildings, such as homes, schools, restaurants and government buildings. The sliding and single-hung aluminum windows will even lock automatically when you close them, ensuring greater efficiency and safety for your home and family.