Replacement windows Beaverton, OR, and a great front door are necessary for the winter because cold temperatures can bring many major troubles to your home. Although your front door is designed to protect your home, winter can greatly affect its performance. It is necessary to know which door can withstand extreme cold temperature conditions. However, there are some common problems associated with the doors in the winter. It helps to prepare yourself to face the several problems that may arise this time of year.

Here are some of the common door problems during winter:

Door binds in the upper corner

It is one of the most common problems during winter for the front doors. These doors remain exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period of time, thus they bind in the upper corner of the jamb. The door pulling down at an angle from the top corner is one of the major reasons for this common problem. Moreover, changing weather can greatly affect the door and causes its frame to contract and expand, making it get stuck as well.

Loose screws

Screws may get loose from your door in the winter. It is caused by changing temperature and humidity conditions, as with door binding. You may not consider it a big deal, but it can cause several issues. Remember, loose screws can further cause your door to sag and improperly fit within the frame. Your door may stick against the frame as well. You can fix this problem by simply tighten the existing screws. But, if the problem still persists, drew new pilot holes for new screws. Hopefully, it will resolve the problem now.

The door latch misses the strike plate

It usually happens when the strike plate is misaligned. When the door latch misses the strike plate, you need to align it properly. Remember, even an inch or fraction off can cause the door to not close properly. Ensure the small plunger on the side of your front door fits neatly into the player to make the door latch properly.

Icy Locks

An icy or frozen lock is one of the major problems you may encounter in winter. Locks of your doors accumulate too much moisture, and this moisture gets freezes, causing big trouble. As a result, your entry or patio doors may not operate properly in the way they should. By heating the key and using that to melt ice, you can simply unfreeze the lock. But, if there is accumulated dirt or oil, you will need to take apart the lock and clean it properly.

Fading colors

Last but not least, the fading colors of the door is a major concern. When the material of a door remains exposed to extreme weather conditions, it tends to fade over time. All you need is to coat the door with paint that is moisture-resistant in order to address this fading issue. You can even choose a fiberglass door that’s designed to resist fading due to inclement weather. Your replacement windows Beaverton, OR, won’t have this issue.

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