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Codel Entry Systems (D, W) Brand

Creates doors in either fiberglass or steel. Their fiberglass doors will make you look twice when you find out that they’re not wood, and they are built to last a lifetime.

Weather Sealed

Codel doors will keep the elements out of your home all year round. Their weather-guard poly-fiber doorframe system is superior to wooden frames in that it is impervious to moisture, rot and insect attack.

The high-density polyurethane foam, which fills the doors, has up to five times the insulation value of wood. This material won’t warp or swell with high humidity, nor shrink in Portland’s dry, warm summers, making for a year-round winner.


Durability is crucial for your high-traffic entryways. A fiberglass door will take all bumps and knocks in stride. They will even hold fast in hurricane-force winds at a beach home.

Textured or Smooth

Codel offers two general categories of door: textured or smooth. Textured fiberglass doors give the appearance of a wood-grain and can have a stain finish to complete the look. Choose from Oak, Barrington, Rustic and Fir-grained options. If you prefer a smooth door, there are any number of paint colors, or Codel can ship a primed door ready to paint.

Patio Doors

If you desire an excellent entry from the patio, Codel has you covered. Select from an in-swing or out-swing door system that is pre-hung and ready for installation. They offer eight different possibilities for “handing”—such as whether the door is left-hand or right-hand active.

Available Colors

Codel offers thirteen total stains and sixteen standard paints choices. Check out their selection here.