Are you thinking about upgrading your home’s entryway or adding replacement windows Beaverton, OR? A front door should keep your family safe while maintaining a much-needed aesthetic of your home. It should appeal to potential buyers and guests because a front is the first thing they see upon visiting your home. It is essential to choose an ideal front door that increases the value of your home and reduces energy costs as well.

Your front door can make a first good impression. It can keep your home warm or cool depending on the season. Remember, an energy-efficient door can help you save 10% on your energy costs. Over time, this can represent hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Some factors need to be considered when choosing the best front door, such as:


Wood, steel, and fiberglass are the three primary materials used to make side entry or front door. A combination of two or more of these materials makes the modern front doors. There are endless options in terms of the colors and textures of these materials. Want to achieve a unique look? Combine two or more materials or opt for different finishes for the interior and exterior surfaces of a front door.

Many homeowners commonly use fiberglass for the front door. Do you know why? Because it offers high resistance to wear and tear and it can be painted or stained. Such a door requires little maintenance and is available in a variety of designs and textures. Always choose the high-quality fiberglass door because inexpensive one can crack over time.


No matter which material you use, they are equal when it comes to strength. The locking mechanism is what matters the most for security. Your front door, of course, provides security to you and your family. Opt for a door that comes with a reinforced metal strike plate and deadbolt at least one inch long. To give your front a modern look, a modern locking system can work better such as entry via smartphone, keypad entry, or RFID entry. These elegant solutions can make you feel more comfortable and secure in your home.


You can consider naturally varnished wood for your front door. It always looks beautiful. Want to make a little bigger statement? Bold colors like orange, blue, green, high-gloss, and red are ideal choices. Stainless steel is another great option for your front door. Make sure to consider the design of your home when choosing a color. Moreover, make it complement other exterior elements in your home to spruce up curb appeal.

Insulation and energy efficiency

Fiberglass and steel doors offer excellent insulation compared to wood doors. But, air leaks usually happen around the door, not through the door. This means the quality of construction of the doorframe plays a vital role in determining the energy efficiency of a door. Take it as important as the quality of design when choosing a door. Your replacement windows Beaverton, OR, are important as well.

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