Are you thinking about replacement windows Hillsboro, OR? Many homes regularly experience extreme weather conditions. An exterior door or window can be greatly affected by such conditions during harsh winters and summers. Remember, a front door is a gateway to your home, and it controls the flow of air throughout your home. Moreover, it determines how much cold air can get in and whether the home gets hot quickly or not. For different harsh weather conditions, doors work differently.

Here is how to choose a perfect exterior door for cold weather, hot weather, and everything in between.


Well-insulated ones are, of course, the best exterior doors for cold weather. Consider fiberglass insulated doors, metal insulated doors, solid wood doors, and other heat-trapping materials when choosing a door for cold weather. Moreover, you need to check the frames for any gaps and leaks as well. There should be an airtight seal around the doors at all times.


For hot summer conditions, a well-insulated door can keep out heat. However, installing a screen door is the perfect choice because it can give you the option of opening up your front door and letting in the fresh air. Fresh air is what you need during those hot, humid days. Never install metal doors as they don’t perform great in the heat. Such a material captures heat and keeps it in, thus making it hot to the touch. If heat is a major concern, go for wood or fiberglass doors instead.


A screen door is the best door for humidity as well. To protect from the elements, you can install both a screen door and a storm door. But, make sure to keep the storm door close during bad weather, and let the humidity out by opening up to the screen door when needed.

If humidity is a major concern in your area, wood doors tend to perform poorly because they do swell when exposed to water or moisture over an extended period. But, if you still want a wood door, choose solid, hardwood as it swells less. A fiberglass door and a metal door retain their shapes and dimensions even in extremely humid conditions.

Direct sunlight

If the sunlight remains directed on your exterior door, consider fiberglass, insulated door. A fiberglass door can resist sun damage and last long. On the other hand, wood may get damaged, and metal will get hot. If your door has a glass, make sure it is properly treated and insulated to bear harsh sunlight conditions. Anyhow, it is not a perfect choice for direct sunlight.

There are endless options of doors to choose from in terms of styles and materials. Remember, not all of these are suited to all environments. A professional can help you in reviewing your home’s environment and picking out the perfect door. Moreover, hanging a new door is complex it needs to be perfectly hung to insulate your home from the harsh weather conditions. If your door has glass slats, it’s important to choose the correct replacement windows Hillsboro, OR.

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