Summer weather means warm air everywhere! If you’re finding that your home is warm, even with the air conditioning on, you might have windows and doors that are leaking air in and out. Having quality windows and doors that don’t leak is very important. Here are some simple tips on how to check for leaking windows and doors.

Tip #1: Do a visual inspection.
Walk around your home and check your doors and windows for visible spots that could be leaking air. For example, look where caulking has failed or look for gaps between windows or door frames and your home’s outside siding. Be detailed and look closely, because sometimes even the smallest space can cause significant air leakage and wasted energy over time.

Tip #2: Inspect for damage.
If your home has older single-pane windows, look for damaged panes of glass that could be causing air leakage. In addition, look around the entire perimeter of the window or door and make sure that it’s sealed properly. This could not only cause air leaks, but it could also cause water leaks too, which could cause significant damage if left untreated. In addition, check for damaged weather stripping that needs to be replaced.

Tip #3: Replace outdated windows and doors.
If your old, there’s a good chance they are leaking and inefficient. Old single-pane windows do not provide a good sound barrier and simply can’t provide the level of insulation that new, energy efficient windows can. Upgrading these products in your home is a very worthwhile investment and can add value and curb appeal to your home.

If you’ve checked around your home and you’ve determined that your windows and doors are not doing a great job of keeping warm air out and cool air in, it’s time to contact us today for a free quote on upgrading these items in your home. We are proud to serve Portland, Vancouver, and Central Oregon and have a variety of options that fit your home’s style as well as your budget.

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