The holidays are here! It’s a time of fun, celebration, and giving gifts. Unfortunately, theft and home burglaries also increase during this time of year, simply because burglars see it as a great opportunity to steal. There are packages delivered to front doors and left vulnerable to thieves and gifts are left under the tree, which burglars can see and break in to rob. Did you know that burglar proof doors and burglar proof windows are great ways to hinder burglars from having their way? Here are some helpful tips on how to burglar proof windows and doors this year.

Tip #1: Install new doors.
Strong metallic or fiberglass doors with locks that are almost unbreakable are a great way to deter robberies. Another option is a reinforced steel door, as these are very sturdy. However, these will require a little bit of maintenance on your part, as they are prone to rust. The bottom line: all of your exterior doors need to be solid and kick-proof.

Tip #2: Install a deadbolt and don’t overlook the frame.
Your lock needs to withstand even the craftiest of burglars. When choosing a deadbolt, look for brand name options that have positive reviews. Going with a poorly made deadbolt means that you aren’t protecting your home as well as you could be. In addition, don’t overlook the frame of the door and the doorjamb. One kick to a weak jamb or frame, and your door will crack open. Reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel and don’t install a thin strike plate. We can help you with options on how to reinforce your frame and doorjamb.

Tip #3: Install additional locks and have impact resistant glass on your windows.
Did you know that you can install more locks on your windows? If you have additional locks as well as impact resistant glass, you will be safer and burglars will find it a lot harder to break through.

Tip #4: Install flood lights.
Flood lights are an important part of keeping your home protected. Be sure that you put them around your windows as well, too. Burglars hate light and seeing a flood light near a window will help dissuade them from trying to get into your house.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, be sure to plan ahead and take measures to keep your home safe while you’re out. Be sure that you keep your valuables hidden and out of plain view and have a good home insurance in place, just in case the unfortunate happens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to burglar proof your windows?

  • Install new doors.
  • Install a deadbolt and don’t overlook the frame.
  • Install additional locks and have impact resistant glass on your windows.
  • Install flood lights.

How can I make my windows stronger?

Adding an additional layer on your windows makes it more resistant to impact thus making it hard for burglars to break in.

Is tempered glass burglar proof?

Tempered glass, compared to other types of glass, doesn’t easily break. Tempered glass can be used to deter burglars.

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