The Benefits Of Using Natural Light In Your Home

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Since springtime has arrived, we’re heading into the months of lighter and longer days, which means more sunlight will be making its way through the windows of your home. Using natural light in your home, otherwise known as “daylighting”, creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere in any room of the home, but it also has some other great benefits.

Benefit #1: Energy savings.
If you use natural light in your home and the warmth that comes from the sun as your heating source in some of the rooms of your home, you’ll save significant energy and reduce your utility bill. In addition, energy efficient windows are also a great way to save money on utility costs and do a great job in reducing energy usage and minimizing your negative impact on the environment. Picture windows are a great energy efficient option. These are fixed, non-opening windows that allow wonderful light to pour in throughout each day. These windows can be used in many different types of spaces.

Benefit #2: It’s good for your mind and body.
Our bodies crave natural light and if we don’t get enough of it, your body and mental state can suffer. Natural light – especially in workspaces – can bolster productivity and allows for enhanced concentration.  Garden windows are also a great window installation option, so you can take advantage of the sunlight to grow small plants, herbs, or flowers. Both Milgard and Simonton offer garden windows and we’re proud to install them!

Benefit #3: Comfort.
There’s nothing nicer than sitting back in a warm and sunny spot in your living room in your favorite chair. Utilizing the sun’s position at home can help keep it comfortable, no matter what the season is outside. Learn how the sun is positioned throughout the day so you can maximize and control the daylight effectively. During the colder months, keep your curtains open so you can use the heat from the light. During the warmer months, keep the blinds cracked or closed so the direct sunlight doesn’t overheat your space. Bay windows are great windows that can help you relax, because they usually have three large windows encased by a lovely bench or seating area. On a nice spring day, imagine grabbing your favorite book and blanket and sitting down to relax in your window.

Which windows allow the most natural light in your home?
If you’re building a new home or need to upgrade your windows to new, energy efficient ones, we’re glad to help you pick out some great options that will work well for your space and the layout of your home so you can be sure to maximize the use of daylight as much as possible.

No matter what kind of window you’re interested in, we can find some that fit your home’s style! We are proud to offer a wide selection of windows that are rated high with Energy Star labels. We’re also honored to be a three-start trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about energy efficiency or other important differences between various window styles. In addition, there are rebates and incentives for eligible energy-efficient windows, so you can save money at the same time! Contact us today if you need expert advice on window installation or window replacement in Oregon and Washington. Springtime is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and the benefits of new windows!