The Real Cost of Replacement Windows 

If you’re a homeowner, you’re surely aware of how expensive new windows can be. Replacement windows in Portland, OR and the rest of the country come with big price tags, but why? If they’re so expensive, how can you save money while still getting quality windows? Read on to learn more.   There are three main factors that influence […]

Avoid Overspending On Your Window Replacement

No matter what the reason for your Bend, OR window replacement, from energy efficiency upgrades to plain old windows, your new windows are going to come with a fairly large price tag. Windows are a big investment, and that’s not a bad thing, as you need high quality windows to make your home efficient, secure and beautiful.    However, just […]

The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows

While there are definitely bigger home improvement jobs than a window replacement, they still require a fair amount of planning and preparation. One big step you need to take to plan your Bend, OR window replacement is to choose when you want to do the project. Fall, winter, spring and summer all have pros and cons when it comes to window […]

Great Glass For Replacement Windows

Windows are mostly glass, so it makes sense that you want that glass to be high quality. No matter how well made your Vancouver, WA replacement windows are, they won’t be energy efficient or high functioning without good glass. Its imperative that you choose replacement windows with high-quality well-made glass to make sure your home stays comfortable, and […]

What Makes Replacement Windows Energy Efficient

Your windows bring air, light and warmth to your home, but they also let in cold or hot outside air, making your home less energy efficient and more expensive. If you’re thinking about investing in replacement windows for your Portland, OR home, you should take energy efficiency into account.    Energy efficient replacement windows can help reduce your energy […]

Where New Windows Should Rank Among Your Priorities

Your home may have any number of needs at the moment. The temptation to leave new windows to another day is certainly understandable. At first glance, they may seem less urgent than other requirements. But that first glance may be deceiving. New windows may be more important than you think. If you or someone you […]

Are Older Windows Becoming a Problem for Your Home?

Your home is supposed to protect you from the elements and preserve comfort for you and your family. Things like windows, doors, roofs and siding are essential to doing so. But windows are especially unique insofar as they impact your interior and exterior alike. When they get older and stop doing their jobs, you may […]