Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are designed to improve your property. That’s because windows don’t last forever. They’re physical properties, so they naturally degrade over time. Or, you may grow tired with their aesthetic. When either of these things happens, it’s time to rethink your window strategy.

1. New curtains

New curtains make a strong visual effect. Your eyes are drawn toward them whenever you enter the room. The style that you choose strongly influences the resort of the room’s design. For example, if you choose a bold and dramatic curtain design, it will make the room appear more striking. This can be a great look in your living room or bedroom. It’s become a theme lately to use unusual fabrics and designs to create your curtains. They don’t dominate the room, yet they’re noticeable.

2. Clean

Keep your windows clean. It’s not your most enjoyable task, but the reward is worth it. Your windows need to be clean to fully appreciate them. If the glass is smeared with dirt or grime, it’ll be harder to see out of it. Less sunlight will make it through. There are many, many reasons why clean windows are important.

3. Bird feeders

Bird feeders can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. You hang them outside of your window and you can enjoy the pleasure of watching the birds. If you live in the city, there are many different bird species around that you’re almost guaranteed to have some visit your bird feeder. The conditions could be more or less favorable in more remote situations.

4. Windchimes

Windchimes are like bird feeders. They’re simple, sweet devices that brighten your surroundings without requiring too much from you. There’s no need to alter the property to handle your windchimes. Another benefit is that you can install it quickly. Both wind chimes and bird feeders are the kind of personal touches that you can make you feel more confident about your property. It’ll feel like your own rather than a nondescript, generic home.

5. Shutters

When you’re focusing on the way your window appears on the outside of your home, you should look at shutters. These look great and they add style. They don’t last forever. If you notice wear and tear, it’s a good idea to take care of it. Otherwise, their condition will slowly degrade over time. Your shutters can be painted to look fresher if necessary. If you want to be creative, you can also play with the idea of indoor shutters as well. These can also be installed near your windows.

Reimagining your windows takes work and creativity. You have to visualize what you want and go for it. Your windows don’t need to be worked on very often. That’s the benefit of working with quality materials. Your windows could last for a decade if they’re rarely used and in excellent condition. Your shutters, blinds, curtains, etc, however, will not last nearly as long. They need to be replaced often.

You can prepare for the day your home needs replacement windows in Portland, OR. You can contact the professionals at Lifetime Windows & Doors now.

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