How energy efficient doors and windows can help keep you cool this summer

This summer in the Pacific Northwest has been one for the record books. We have had so many hot days and it’s been hard to cool off at times! But did you know that the windows and doors in your home could help you stay cool? If your windows and doors are old, leaky, and […]

What Are Moving Glass Wall Systems & How Can They Benefit Your Home?

If you love the great outdoors, but want to stay inside to enjoy them, moving glass wall systems can be a great option! Before, these doors were only available as custom made options in high end homes, but now they are readily available for homeowners looking to add a bit of affordable luxury and class […]

How to Check Your Windows & Doors for Air Leaks

Summer weather means warm air everywhere! If you’re finding that your home is warm, even with the air conditioning on, you might have windows and doors that are leaking air in and out. Having quality windows and doors that don’t leak is very important. Here are some simple tips on how to check for leaking […]

Simple Ways to Go Green Around Your Home

“Going green” is a popular term you’ll hear a lot – especially around the Pacific Northwest.  More and more people are wanting to make a change to help the environment and are discovering the importance of clean air, fresh water, and how our energy use affects the environment as a whole. If you’re looking for […]

Reasons to Install a New Patio Door Now!

Ah, summer. The weather is nice and warm, there is more daylight, and it’s a great time to sit outside on the patio to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with friends and family. Does your home need a new patio door?   Here are some key reasons why you should consider installing a new patio […]


We hear the mantra all the time: Support Local Businesses! Sure, when it comes to food, we are ALL happy to oblige, are we not? Here in Beaverton, OR, we love our Pacific Northwest cuisine; there are just some things only our home state can offer/do better: Tillamook Cheese, Geoducks, hipster craft beers, all different […]


Do-it-yourself projects seem to have taken our country by storm. We are repurposing, repainting, rebuilding machines, thanks to HGTV and Chip and Joanna Gaines. There is something so satisfying about completing a project that brings an area of your home back to life—especially when the project turns out exactly as envisioned or better. There are […]

How to Make Your Windows Safe for Kids

In the spring and summertime, people open their windows to let in the beautiful fresh air, but without proper protection around them, they can be dangerous and pose a falling risk. Window safety is imperative when you have little ones inside your home. Thousands of tragedies happen each year as a result of kids falling […]


Many trends come and go in fashion, in makeup, in food… and, in home design. There are trends we are all happy to see go. Remember parquet flooring? Remember small closets? Remember heavy, burgundy drapery? No one is sad these are no longer “in.” On the flipside, we can all agree there are staples that […]