Spring Patio Design Tips

We’ve set the clocks forward and the springtime season officially begins this week. Spring is a great time to get outside and your home ready to enjoy the longer days and the sunnier weather. Here are some of our spring patio design tips that will get everything looking great, so you can enjoy the beautiful […]

When Should You Replace Your Sliding Glass Door?

Having a sliding glass door in your home is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while staying comfortable inside. They’re not only a convenient way to get in and out, but they’re a beautiful addition to a room, allowing natural sunlight and warmth to enter the space. If your sliding glass door has […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Installation

If you’re considering updating your home with new windows, you likely have several questions about what the process looks like. Window installation is generally a straightforward process, especially for our team of experienced installers at Lifetime Windows & Doors. We have experience working on homes of various sizes and styles and no matter what your […]

Spring is Coming: Where Homeowners Should Turn for Upgrades

Spring will be here in a matter of weeks, and for many homeowners it’s the perfect time to start tackling those home upgrades that they’ve waited on during the colder winter months.  So, where do you begin? The project list may be daunting at first glance, but if you tackle it a little bit at […]

How Exterior Remodels Can Increase the Value of Your Home in 2018

Remodeling your home requires a lot of time and attention to detail, but the payoff of a home renovation will be something you can reap for years to come. Whether you’re selling your home, or you plan on living in it for years to come, home updates, especially those that are done to the exterior, […]

Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home in 2018

As a homeowner, there are many to-do items to stay on top of to keep your home in good working condition. But if you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s value, there are many things that can help. Home updates can yield great returns when it comes time to sell your house. It will […]

Ways to Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

This time of year, utility bills tend to increase because the weather is colder and we’re inside more often! We use our heaters more and it gets dark sooner, so we turn on our lights for longer. This means our energy usage increases and we likely are looking for ways to keep those costs down. […]

Why You Should Consider Adding A French Door To Your Home

As a homeowner, there are always things to do around the house. Home maintenance can often feel like an unending task, and home improvement projects are also ones that take time. But, the result is an updated space that is fresh and bright! If you’ve considered adding a French door or French-style sliding glass door […]

Ways To Get Your Home Ready for Winter

There is a chill in the air! We’re already half way through November and that means before we know it, winter will be arriving. But, is your home ready for the upcoming cold days and nights? Here are some helpful tips that can get your home weatherized and ready for winter. Tip #1: Keep Your […]